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Any Universe

Any Verse, Any Character(s), adventures in bra shopping as a superhero who needs extra support for battle.

Any verse, any character, when the pawn becomes the queen.

Any verse, any/any, far from the things of man.

Any verse, any/any, she may look like a girl but she fucks like a boy.

Any verse, Any Character(s), In an alternate universe where only women can express the superpower gene, how has this affected our heroine's history and personality? (Per the rules, no genderswap.)

Any (civilian female), who is her role model? 

Any verse, Any characters, Roller Derby AU

Any verse. All female characters. All the female characters that are girlfriends/lovers/assistants/love interests of superheroes (Lois Lane, Pepper Potts, Silver Fox, Viper/Madame Hydra, Mary Jane Watson, Vicki Vale, Betty Ross, Harley Quinn). If their boyfriends/bosses/etc were in their place, and were normal guys/personal assistants/etc whatever job the girls had, and the girls were the superheroines. claimed by pervyficgirl & skjam.

Any verse. Focus on any comic book character's mother. What were these women like? Were they kind? Abusive? Neglectful? Intelligent? If they were alive when their son/daughter became a hero, what do they think of this? OR Did these women (ex. Maria Stark, Elizabeth Howlett, Rebecca Banner, Mrs Kent, Martha Wayne, Aunt May, Mary Storm) effect their child's outlook on the world, and so, their personalities, goals, etc? 

Comics Other Than DC or Marvel

Chew, Amelia Mintz, the best thing she ever ate

Emiko Superstar, Poppy, The moral of the story is the show must go on-- But it doesn't always have to be the same show.

Ex Machina, Amy Angotti, dealing with men who always think they know better

Finder, Rachel Grosvenor, possession

Finder, Vary Krishna, the meaning of dance

Ghost World, Enid Coleslaw, mementos of childhood

Hark! A Vagrant, Vanessa from Mystery Solving Teens, she refuses to be their Velma

Hark! A Vagrant, Nancy Drew, "Hold on, Nancy's coming!"

Hark! A Vagrant, the Mile-High Club, Don't label me!

Homestuck, any female troll and their ancestor, reflecting on their differences

Homestuck, the Dolorosa and the Sufferer, pap shoosh 

Homestuck, Mom, "I don't understand Sburb and won't respond to it."

Homestuck, Rose and Mom, lessons in mortality 

Homestuck, Rose and Kanaya, sloppy interspecies makeouts 

I Kill Giants, Barbara Thorson/Sophia, admiration blossoms into romance. 

Judge Dredd, Psi-Judge Anderson, facing retirement.

Magnus Robot Fighter (any continuity), Leeja Clane, Magnus is out of town, and Leeja must battle a rogue robot on her own.

Misfile, Cassiel and Eponine, Cassiel hasn't had a friend in a very long time, but is a mortal girl too fragile to handle?

Sandman, Barbie, what she dreamed about after the cuckoo 

Sandman, Chantal and Zelda, what haunts them 

Sandman, Delirium, how to still find the joy in life when you've lost touch with reality.

Sandman, Desire and Despair, how twins turned out so different 

Sandman, Lyta Hall, being reunited with her son 

Sandman, Mad Hettie and Hob Gadling, immortals tend to run into each other eventually

Sandman, Nuala, adjusting to seeing her real face in the mirror

The Boys (Dynamite), The Female, "You Must Be This Tall To Ride".

The Tick, Ottoman Empress/American Maid, "I'm fine / what about you / I'm fine too"

The Tick, Ottoman Empress/American Maid, delicious. claimed by oddmonster

The Tick, Ottoman Empress/American Maid, inappropriate

The Unwritten, Lizzie Hexam, her reflections on the role of women in fiction.

Transmetropolitan, Yelena Rossini and Channon Yarrow, Spider dies, the City stays the same, life goes on. claimed by amaresu.

Watchmen, Miss Jupiter/The Comedian, it was a heavy thing to be the only person he'd ever loved and far too easy to abuse the power.

Watchmen: Laurie Juspeczyk, post-book, her mother's costume doesn't feel right, so she takes up her father's legacy instead. claimed by harlot_ohara.

Watchmen, The Silhouette, fleeing her home in Austria in wake of the war and finding both a team and love in America. claimed by redeem147.

DC Universe: Main Earth

DCU, Amanda Waller/Barbara Gordon, Amanda is the first person to treat her as an equal since her injury.

DCU, Amethyst. Just a nice teen-in-grownup-body magical adventure. claimed by perletwo

DCU, Anissa Pierce and Jennifer Pierce, different approaches to superheroing 

DCU, Anissa Pierce/Grace Choi, pigtail pulling

DCU, Anita Fite, dealing with the assumptions people make when they see a black girl with two babies in tow.

DCU, Anita Fite, Mary Batson, and Traci 13, comparing their different views of magic.

DCU, Atlee and Maxine Hunkel, designing costumes

DCU, Atlee and Miss Martian, fish out of water 

DCU, Ayla Ranzz/Salu Digby, Pre-Crisis Legion, first time

DCU, Ayla Ranzz and Imra Ardeen, Pre-Crisis Legion, rebuilding their family 

DCU, Barbara Gordon, (non-reboot) Dealing with disability is difficult enough. Dealing with those who believe that your only valid identity was the able-bodied one, and that anything after that doesn't count--that's even harder.

DCU, Barbara Gordon, an a/u where she stepped down from being Batgirl to be police commissioner

DCU, Barbara Gordon, Jim Gordon, Batman (Dick Grayson), AU, Barbara works at WitSec. When both Jim and Batman are after a criminal under her protection things get rough for all of them.

DCU, Barbara Gordon/Dinah Lance, AU, Barbara is Batgirl and Dinah is the rookie cop that needs help with a case

DCU, Barbara Gordon/Koriand'r, instead of Robin & the Titans, Kory bumps into Batgirl and "learns the English language" from her. It's the start of a beautiful friendship. claimed by shobogan.

DCU, Barbara Gordon/Koriand'r, when putting together the Birds, Barbara actually doesn't have a problem calling up Dick's ex to join herself and Black Canary. 

DCU, Bonnie King, Why did I do it? What did it get me? Scrapbooks full of me in the background.

DCU, Bleez (GLC), "Get awayyyy from himmmm...!"

DCU, Cass Cain, Just because she couldn't speak words with her mouth didn't mean she couldn't communicate.

DCU, Cass Cain, kicking ass as Batgirl. claimed by whipsy & yaseen101

DCU, Cass Cain, reflecting on Barbara stepping up as the new Batgirl

DCU, Cassandra Cain, The day that Robin realized he should be taking her orders.

DCU, Cass Cain, For a while I thought I was the dragon. I guess I can tell you that now. And for a while, I thought I was the princess.

DCU, Cassandra Cain, What she loves best about Gotham: rooftops and streets and public parks, rainy days and violent nights, the city's mad, bad denizens.

DCU, Cass Cain and Connor Hawke, She's never seen anyone so completely at ease with themself before

DCU, Cass Cain and Connor Hawke, Teaching her how to blend in with "normal" people better.

DCU, Cass Cain and Damian Wayne, "It's like a little boy pulling the hair of the girl he likes."

DCU, Cass Cain and Stephanie Brown, competing to see who can shadow various memebers of the batfamily without getting caught

DCU, Cassandra Cain/Stephanie Brown, Batgirls have to stick together.

DCU, Cass Cain, Steph Brown, Wendy Harris, and/or Rose Wilson, sharing "my dad the supervillain" stories over coffee. claimed by shobogan.

DCU, Cassandra Sandsmark, (Young Justice Comic) the mission when it hit her that she leads this team.

DCU, Cheshire, Lian Harper & Black Canary, the world where Lian grew up with her mother and ends up meeting the woman who would have been her aunt.

DCU, Chloe Sullivan, blogging life in the Big City of Superheroes

DCU, Cissie King-Jones, finding a new legacy. claimed by melissagrey

DCU, Cissie King-Jones, ten years from now.

DCU, Cissie King-Jones, Titans of Tomorrow-verse watching her old friends do exactly what she quit for fear of doing herself.

DCU, Cissie King-Jones (+ or / Wendy Harris, + Barbara Gordon), working with Oracle, Cissie finds a new way to help people without turning into her mother.

DCU, Cissie King-Jones, she's grown up and settled into a normal civilian life. What does she do when all her daughter wants is to become a superhero? claimed by axolotl_lan.

DCU, Cowgirl,  One day she tries on Hal’s ring and realizes green really is her color…

DCU, Courtney Whitmore/Maxine Hunkel, they're afraid to cross the line between friendship and romance. 

DCU, Diana of Themyscira/Steve Trevor, fairytale AU in which this time it’s the Prince who falls into enchanted sleep and the Princess must save him. claimed by littlemissgriff

DCU, Diana of Themyscira/Dinah Lance, partners on the battlefield and in the bedroom.

DCU, Dinah Lance, what if she had said no to Oracle?

DCU, Dani Garrett/Michelle Carter, they form their own Blue and Gold team

DCU, Donna Troy, What does family mean to her.

DCU, Dumb Bunny, "Scarily, I was the smartest person in the room."

DCU, Harley Quin/Poison Ivy, (non-Reboot) Harley has to do the toughest thing she's ever done--turn her back on the man she's obsessed with in order to save the friend she loves.

DCU, Helena Bertinelli (and Renee Montoya, Barbara Gordon, and Dinah Lance), reflecting on how somehow someone who hates the police ended up being best friends with an ex-cop and two cops' daughters

DCU, Iris West Allen, She may have gotten her husband back, but the past few years have had a lot of losses for Iris, too. Sometimes she just needs time to deal with them.

DCU, Irey West & Jai West, Jai never becomes a hero, and that's cool because Irey needs a civilian scientist to help her with crime scenes. Who better than her brother? claimed by littlemissgriff

DCU, Isabelle Rose Mahkent, growing up while on the run 

DCU, Jesse Chambers and Artemis Crock (Tigress), raising children

DCU, Jesse Chambers and Artemis Crock (Tigress) , reflecting on the differences between being the child of superheroes and being the child of supervillains.

DCU, Jenny Quantum, Midnighter, Jenny's father, is on Earth, fighting in the ruins of Unlondon. Apollo, Midnighter's husband and Jenny's other father, has to remain above the planet's atmosphere, as he draws his strength from sunlight and a sunlight-blocking fog is now shrouding the Earth. No one knows of any way to banish that fog and let the sun shine on Earth again--but Jenny wants her world to heal and her family to be reunited, so she's damned well going to try.

DCU, Jenni Ognats, Post-Zero Hour Legion, time travel family reunions

DCU, Kara Kent/Stephanie Brown, somehow Supers and Bats always come together.

DCU, Koriand'r and Komand'r, during REBELS where they're trying to make up and work together again while still distrusting each other.

DCU, Lian Harper, Lian wasn't killed or maimed when the Electrocutioner blew up Star City on Prometheus's orders. Now if only she could convince her father of this. AU.

DCU, Lian Harper as a ghost. claimed by axolotl_lan.

DCU, Lian Harper/Irey West, it's adorable how Damian thinks he's going to be the leader of their team.

DCU, Lian Harper/Milagro Reyes, first day on the Teen Titans

DCU, Linda West, Irey West & Lian Harper, it's hard not to be a little jealous of Irey's relationship with her mom

DCU, Linda Park and Hartley Rathaway, exploring their friendship separate from Wally.

DCU, Linda Park and Iris West, the differences between televison and newspaper reporting. 

DCU, Linda Danvers/Barbara Gordon, Silver/Bronze Ages Supergirl/Batgirl, after several adventures together, they discover a friendship that becomes something more.

DCU, Lisa Snart, trying to get respect when you're the only female Rogue around. 

DCU, Lois Lane, Lois loses the use of her legs permanently, but doesn't stop working as a reporter. claimed by perletwo

DCU, Lois Lane/Lana Lang, Silver Age, they battle over Superman but never ‘catch’ him.

DCU, Lois, Lois could feel her marriage slipping away.

DCU, LOSH Dream Girl & White Witch, science vs. magic

DCU, Silver Age Lois Lane, ace reporter on a day when she's not obsessing about Superman. claimed by yaseen101

DCU, Meloni Thawne, being separated from her sons is hard, especially when they don't even have each other.

DCU, Mia Dearden & Cissie King-Jones, Who is the better shot? claimed by melissagrey

DCU, Misty Kilgore, learning to control her powers and regain her memories 

DCU, Misty Kilgore/Ystina, Ystina finds a worthy princess to be a knight for. claimed by vange.

DC,  Mary and Billy Batson, "My powers are cooler than yours."

DCU, Mother of Champions and Ghost Fox Killer, nation-building.

DCU, Poison Ivy/ Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy/Hush, Harley Quinn/Joker – He’ll never know it’s just a game to make Harley hurt for all those times Pamela slept alone while the other woman fell for all the same lies.

DCU, Raven, watching other Titans' romances and wishing for a real one of her own. claimed by trista_zevkia.

DCU, Renee Montoya and [insert mystery female character here], picking up pretty (super) girls in bars.

DCU, Renee Montoya/Barbara Gordon, an a/u where Barbara become a cop and they were partners together. claimed by modestroad & shobogan.

DCU, Rose Wilson/Anita Fite, sparring with sabres and sword-batons.

DCU, Selina Kyle, Catwoman uses kitty therapy to cheer up a down-in-the-dumps hero or villain of your choosing

DCU, Selina Kyle/Dinah Lance, a Cat always gets her Canary.

DCU, Stephanie Brown, Stephanie reflects over the bits and pieces of her old costumes

DCU, Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain and Barbara Gordon, (non-Reboot)The Joker is holding the lives of the citizens of Gotham hostage. Batman and Robin have been sidelined, imprisoned or incapacitated. It's up to Batgirl, Black Bat and Oracle to stop the Clown Prince of Crime. (And they totally do.)

DCU, Stephanie Brown & Barbara Gordon, Steph is the new Batgirl and Babs is secretly a bit surprised at how well she's doing, even though she doesn't do things the way Babs did or even Cass (Batgirl II) did.

DCU, Steph Brown, Steph teaches Damian what it means to be Robin.

DCU, Steph Brown, AU, the ability to overcome great fear. 

DCU, Stephanie Brown/Tim Drake, A typical date back when Tim was Robin and Steph was Spoiler. claimed by melissagrey

DCU, Stephanie Brown & Wendy Harris, Batgirl and Proxy take down a Gotham villain (any). They're as surprised as anyone else that they manage to do it all by themselves!

DCU, Tanga, Her first encounter with the Green Lantern Corps.

DCU, Tara Markov, her ghost haunts Titans Tower and messes with the living Titans.

DCU, Teen Titans Future (including Milagro, Lian, Iris), Damian only thinks he's the leader. We have him outnumbered.

DC, Tiny Titans, any, "What's a reboot?"  claimed by perletwo

DCU, Traci 13, trolling her father 

DCU, Wonder Woman/Batman, She teaches him some Amazonian battle techniques

DCU, Wonder Woman/Zatanna/Black Canary/Huntress/Oracle/Power Girl, A friendly game of Strip Poker gets out of a hand.

DCU, Odyssey Wonder Woman, at a rock concert

DCU, Ystina, struggling to integrate into modern society

DCU, Zatanna Zatara/Diana of Themyscira/Barbara Gordon, Girls' Night Out. If B&B #33 isn't a perfect porn set-up, I don't know what is.

DCnU, or the Rebooted Universe

DCnU, any character(s), "Dammit, they changed the universe on me *again*?! Who am I now?"

DCU/DCnU; any character; Somehow the fourth wall broke down and the ones who disappeared were suddenly remembered

DCnU, Batgirl/Black Canary, first case together

DCnU, Black Canary, leading her own team is not easy

DCnU, Cassie Sandsmark, the a/u where Cassie really *is* a "female Gambit" kind of thief.

DCnU, Cassie Sandsmark, Cissie King Jones, and Greta Hayes, dimensional realignment didn't stop them from becoming friends somehow.

DCnU, Cassie Sandsmark/Kara Zor-El, the thief and the alien hero make it work. claimed by eternal_moonie

DCnU, Cassie Sandsmark/Kara Zor-El, Kara never thought it would be thief who showed her all there was to love about this world.

DCnU, Cassie Sandsmark/Rose Wilson, neither are quite on the right side of the law and that makes them work.

DCnU, Cassandra Cain/Stephanie Brown, in the new reality, Cass and Steph meet in high school and become Gotham's newest crime fighting partnership (and more)

DCnU, Cassandra Cain, Trying to find her way without the symbol of the Bat to follow.

DCnU, Cassandra Cain / or & Stephanie Brown, first meeting

DCnU, Diana of Themyscira/Iris West/Lois Lane, Diana doesn't know what Kent's problem is - the female reporters love a superhero that will actually *ask them out.*

DCnU, Kory Anders, a night out celebrating life

DCnU, Iris West & Wally West, in a world where she never married Barry, there was never any competition about who was Wally's favorite family member.

DCnU, Iris West/Lois Lane, the reason neither got married in the reboot

DCnU, Lian Harper, the Outlaws are her family so it's no surprise when she becomes the Red Hood.

DCnU, Madame Xanadu, Ystina, the Horsewoman, their first meeting

DCnU, Maxine Baker, her mix of fear and pride in inheriting her father's powers. 

DCnU, Maxine Baker, Jenny Quantum, and Damian Wayne, the all-new Young Justice.

DCnU, Queen Mera, taking Kaldur'ahm in. (adding in DevotedHusbandAndFather!Aquaman would be great)

DCnU, Starfire, “What in X’hal is a ‘Red Hood?’ And why should I give a damn?”

DCnU, Starfire/Arsenal/Red Hood, "Monogamous bonding for life? Who told you that? My people's traditional way of bonding actually involves a type of arrangement you Earthlings call threesomes."

Marvel 616

Marvel 616, any female Avengers, Avengers and Young Avengers age-reversal a/u, Our "Young Avengers" were the original Avengers and the comics Avengers are the Young Avengers in this a/u. That makes Kate the first Hawkeye (with a smart alecky Clint Barton running around hoping to live up to her legacy) and it makes Wanda the daughter of poor Billy Kaplan, who went crazy and tried to destroy his team when his daughters were erased from existence.

Marvel 616, Agent 13 – Sharon Carter never told anyone how many bodies she stepped over to make it to the top of SHIELD, or how many times she put them there.

Marvel 616, Agent 13 – Instead of Bucky taking on the role of Captain America, Sharon does.

Marvel 616, Agent 13, An A/U where Sharon stayed director of SHIELD and was in that role at the time of Civil War.

Marvel 616, Agent 13/Natasha Romanova, raising puppies together.

Marvel 616, Anya Corazon and Cassie Lang, bonding over dead dads.

Marvel 616, Anya Corazon/Kate Bishop, training, footrubs, and ice cream sundaes.

Marvel 616, Anya Corazon/Kate Bishop/Rikki Barnes, negotiating a relationship, being superheroes, and nosey family/friends/mentors.

Marvel 616, Anya Corazon/Rikki Barnes, Anya never believed that Rikki was gone for good - and she was going to prove it. claimed by quipquipquip

Marvel 616, Black Widow/Winter Soldier – Anything he can do, she can do better in high heels. claimed by tacoma_trauma

Marvel 616, Bobbi Morse, how everyone's reactions to her new abilities (the infinity/super soldier serum) affect her personal life and her place on the team.

Marvel 616, Bobbi Morse/Sharon Carter, they have so very much in common.

Marvel 616, Cessily Kincaid/Laura Kinney, healing old wounds. claimed by rijsg

Marvel 616, Cassie Lang, Sometimes growing up means getting away from negative influences, including your emotionally abusive mother and step-father.

Marvel 616, Cassie Lang & Scott Lang, As father and daughter, they come to terms with Cassie's emotional abuse at the hands of her mother and step-father.

Marvel 616, Cassie Lang, the first thing her mother did when she got custody was throw out Cassie's ant farm. The first thing Cassie buys when she gets her own place is an ant farm.

Marvel 616, Cassie Lang/Kang, conquering worlds together and being fabulous while at it.

Marvel 616, Domino,  musing about her complicated relationship with Cable and how it could be if there weren't so many outside problems in the way

Marvel 616, Edie Sawyer, leaving things behind. claimed by vange.

Marvel 616, Edie Sawyer/Guy Smith, the celebrity dating scene

Marvel, 616!Emma/AoA!Jean, learning to love again

Marvel 616, Greer Nelson/any, "Ever since I met you on a cloudy Monday, I can't believe how much I love the rain."

Marvel 616. Hazmat and Rogue, "Yeah, because you're the only person who's powers ever kept them from basic human contact."

Marvel 616, Hildy (daughter of VOLSTAGG!), It's her turn to have an adventure in the mortal realm.

Marvel 616, Jan, AU: The Avengers formed at the same time as the Invaders, and everyone finds out the WASP's new mascot isn't just a pretty face when there's an attack on a USO show.

Marvel 616, Jan thinking about and missing things with Hank while in one of her other relationships with either Tony or Clint. Despite how things happened, she can't help but miss him.

Marvel 616, Jessica Jones / Luke Cage / Scott Lang, the good part of their competition was that the sex was always amazing, especially for Jess.

Marvel 616, Kate Bishop, how she became field leader

Marvel 616, Kate Bishop, working some steam

Marvel 616, Kate Bishop, Kate plans for her team's post-high school future, which may or may not include a brand new mansion and/or a paid team therapist. claimed by pervyficgirl

Marvel 616, Kate Bishop, explaining to your lover that you have a kinky side can sometimes be difficult when they know you're a rape victim.

Marvel 616,  Kate Bishop, the causes she picks up as an adult hero. 

Marvel 616, Kate Bishop, Future fic - leading the Avengers

Marvel 616, Kate Bishop, the next interview that she gives that asks her about her vulnerable side is going to end with a punch.

Marvel 616, Kate Bishop, being the poster child for the bisexual poly lifestyle wasn't really what she signed up for when she came out.

Marvel 616, Kate Bishop/any, She doesn't like being touched from behind, and doesn't want to explain why. claimed by: tacoma_trauma

Marvel 616, Kate Bishop/Cassie Lang, After both have had failed relationships with the boys on the team, they start seeing each other in a bit of a different light.

Marvel 616, Kate Bishop/Natasha Romanova, training

Marvel 616, Lyja the Lazerfist, dealing with the grief after Johnny Storm's death.

Marvel 616, Mary Jane Watson, Being a model is much harder than most people realize.

Marvel 616, Mary Jane Watson & May Parker, MJ was never supposed to remember about Peter's deal with Mephisto, but--thanks to some superhero, supervillain or alien intelligence playing around with space-time--she got the memory back. While she doesn't want anything to happen to Aunt May, she's also convinced that this deal will ultimately lead to the utter destruction of Peter's best self. There has to be a loophole. can she outsmart the Devil?

Marvel 616, Misty Knight, Misty will never choose between her lover, Danny Rand (Iron Fist) and her best friend, Colleen Wing; they're both essential. It's too bad that all of them have enemies that don't get that...and who don't realize that she and Colleen have had plenty of experience in saving themselves and others.

Marvel 616, Namora, Venus ends up dragging her to the nearest mall. Namora is bewildered by the place.

Marvel 616, Namora, coming back from the dead

Marvel 616, Noriko Ashida, adjusting to life in an American school.

Marvel 616, Pixie, Pixie's tiny little crush on Captain America leads her to try adapting some of his battle techniques, to surprisingly good results.

Marvel 616, 616!Pixie/Female!Anole, Genderswitch AU: It takes Megan a little while to realize that the alternate reality version of Victor is hitting on her, and she's not sure how to take it when the idea gets through her skull.

Marvel 616, Rebecca Kaplan & Wanda Maximoff ,sharing a child is hard but they develop a friendship anyway.

Marvel 616, Rebecca Kaplan & Billy Kaplan, part of being a good mom is preparing your son to stand up for what he believes in. When Rebecca hears about the events of Children's Crusade, she knows she did her job.

Marvel 616, Sarah Rogers & Steve Rogers, five lessons Sarah Rogers hoped her son would never forget.

Marvel 616, Shamrock & Ms. Marvel,  Shamrock seeks help from Ms. Marvel in going back to the hero game.

Marvel 616, Sif, Sif saves Asgard.

Marvel 616, Siryn/M, after Terry lost her child she went back to drinking. M is there for her. claimed by rivulet027.

Marvel 616, Sooraya Qadir and Faiza Hussein, Bonding over shared faith.

Marvel 616, Sue Storm, Sometimes she thinks being a wife and mother is a harder job that saving the world

Marvel 616, Tigra, Even though Hank is in a relationship with her right now she can see his heart still belongs to Jan

Marvel 616, Tigra, "I wish I could spend more time with my son. I feel like I'm missing everything."

Marvel 616, Valkyrie and the female members of Avengers Academy, how men will disappoint you.

Marvel 616, Venus/Bob Grayson, loving people even though their bodies have changed 

Marvel 616, Venus Dee Milo, losing her body without losing her heritage

Marvel 616, Wanda Maximoff & Carol Danvers, it was easier to stay angry at Wanda, because it didn't hurt as much. Now that Wanda's back, Carol doesn't have that option.

Marvel 616, Xavin/Karolina, Karolina does her best to get Xavin to loosen up and shows her what couples on Earth are like, rather than on Skrullos.

Marvel: Other Worlds

Marvel Adventures, Giant-Girl, Storm, AU: Giant-Girl and Storm get dropped into a world where teenage girls are magical girl types, and find out to their dismay that they're now animal mentors/sidekicks and have to whip these girls into a decent force for good before they can go home.

Marvel Adventures, Jan & Storm, sometimes it's nice to fight crime just with your favorite gal pal.

Marvel House of M-verse, Karolina Dean/Julie Power, Julie was the only one of the Wolfpack who recognized the trap-- a split second too late to avoid springing it.

MC2, Katie Power/Sabreclaw, She doesn't put up with any of his nonsense and is usually the first to point out when he's acting like an idiot.

Ultimate Marvel, Jessica Drew & May Parker, Both are uncertain how to relate to each other, but they're starting to find common ground.

Ultimate Marvel, Mary Jane Watson, to avenge Spider-man, she became Spider-man.

Ultimate Marvel, Mary Jane Watson, MJ was able to save Peter's life, but the car crash left her paralyzed. In the aftermath, she puts her life back together with the help of her friends and family. 

Ultimate Marvel, Jessica Drew/MJ Watson, a year after Peter's death, Jessica seeks out MJ when the girl she remembers as her girlfriend needs her most. claimed by rijsg.

DC or Marvel: Animated Universes  

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Mockingbird/Black Widow/Hawkeye, Bobbi knew all along that something about this whole traitor business was off.

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Jan is tired of Hank not having enough backbone to ask her out so she takes initiative for him and drags him along on a date. She always has a way of getting what she wants.

DCAU, Barbara Gordon/Kara In-Ze, Girls just wanna have fun.

DCAU, Batgirl/Supergirl, In "Comfort and Joy", Martha says that Kara went skiing with Barbara over the Christmas holidays. What Martha doesn't know is that they plan to spend more time in the hot tub than on the slopes.

DCAU, Black Canary & Wildcat, Dinah learned from the best.

DCAU, Dinah Lance/Oliver Queen, This is how their dates typically go: dinner, dancing, crime-fighting, sex. claimed by crooked_halo.

DCAU, Hawkgirl/Green Lantern/Vixen, Shayera figures she's taken enough from John: instead of making him choose between her and Vixen, why not make it a threesome?

DCAU, Huntress/Question, Phone sex.

DCAU, Lois Lane/Wonder Woman, After an Amazon princess from the hidden island Themyscira shows up to help Superman and the rest of the newly formed Justice League stop an alien invasion, Lois Lane snags the first interview. To her surprise, Princess Diana is less interested in talking about herself than she is in getting to know Lois.

DCAU, Supergirl & Green Arrow, Theirs is an unlikely friendship but Kara finds that she can talk to Ollie and have him understand, while Clark never seems to really hear her.

Justice League Unlimited, Hawkgirl/Vixen, competition 

Super Hero Squad Show: Pepper and Ms. Marvel rants about Tony Stark. 

Young Justice, Artemis Crock, Artemis comes out to her team as the daughter of a supervillain.

Young Justice cartoon, Artemis, why she became a superhero

Young Justice: Artemis Crock/Jade Nguyen, Cheshire has a thing for archers.

Young Justice, Artemis/M'Gann, Artemis tries to show M'Gann how she feels, but M'Gann can be frustratingly oblivious a lot of the time.

Young Justice, Artemis Crock, Artemis has to explain to the team that just because she has blond hair doesn't mean she's not Asian. (Note: Please keep Artemis' eyes brown as per the show, not blue like in the promo pic.)

Young Justice, Black Canary & Superboy, five times when she was the only mentor Conner needed, and one time Superboy made sure she knew it.

Young Justice, Megan Morse/Artemis Crock, the first time Artemis brings Megan home to meet her mom.

Young Justice, M'gann, Some time in the future, the team has gone their separate ways but still get together every now and then. M'gann always makes cookies for those get togethers.

Young Justice, M'gann M'orzz/Superboy, M'gann and Superboy go on their first date.

Young Justice: M'gann/Artemis Crock, But I'm A Cheerleader

Movie Verses

Captain America: The First Avenger, Peggy Carter, an a/u in which Peggy is exposed to the Infinity Formula.

Captain America: First Avenger, Peggy Carter, life after Steve Rogers. claimed by harlot_ohara & whipsy.

Iron Man, Pepper Potts/Tony Stark, Pepper and Tony's daughter adores both her parents, but she is proud to carry her mother's last name, thank you. claimed by littlemissgriff

Iron Man, Pepper Potts/Tony Stark/James Rhodes, Pepper takes Tony and James home to meet the family.

Marvel Movie verse, Any Civilian Female, "why aren't there more women on your team?"

Marvel Movie verse, Any Civilian Woman of Color, "As a team of heroes, the Avengers could not possibly represent me less."

Marvel Movieverse: Betty Ross. She doesn't have daddy issues. Her daddy has daughter issues.

Marvel Movieverse: Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis compare notes with Black Widow on being girls in the SHIELD organization

Marvel Movieverse: How would someone like Shamrock exist in the movieverse?

Marvel Movieverse: SHIELD searches for a new female Avenger to bring some gender parity to the team

Thor Movie,  Frigga encourages young Sif to become a BAMF

Thor Movie, Sif/Jane, an a/u where Thor's storyline is actually Sif's.

Watchmen Movie: Silhouette of the original Minutemen of the Watchmen series, becoming a heroine.


Any harem genre manga/DCU, Power Girl and female cast, "Have any of you ever heard the phrase, "like a fish needs a bicycle?"

Captain America: The First Avenger/Iron Man, Pepper Potts/Steve Rogers, Dancing backwards in high heels to keep up with Tony is stressful. It's fortunate that those super soldier serum enhanced hands are so good at giving her just the right kind of massage.

Captain America: The First Avenger/James Bond, Peggy Carter, "M" stands for Margaret Carter

Captain America: The First Avenger/DCU, Lois Lane/Steve Rogers, Lois doesn't like to dance, except with Steve.

DcnU/Marvel 616, Cassie Sandsmark/Gambit, Gambit shows Cassie the true way of a thief, and more.

DCU/The Dark Knight, Catwoman/Rachel – Rachel is a good prosecutor; it’s not her fault that the criminals flirt.

DCU/Future Diary, Star Sapphire Carol Ferris and Yuuno Gasai, how much yandere is too much yandere?

DCU/Gokusen, Helena Bertinelli and Kumiko Yamaguchi, Former mafia princess and current Yakuza princess meet at international teachers' conference, must team up when villains attack.

DC Movieverse/Marvel Movieverse: USO dancing monkey Captain America meets PR-generated homefront heroine Silk Spectre I

DCU/Marvel 616, Cassie Lang & Cassie Sandsmark, "The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example."

DCU/Marvel 616, Dinah Lance/Janet Van Dyne, shopping

DCU/Marvel 616, Dinah Lance/Janet Van Dyne, "I had a dream I was stuffed in a fridge once. I wonder what that means."

DCU/Marvel616, Dinah Lance/Janet Van Dyne, meeting at one of Ollie's parties and getting distracted.

DCU/Marvel 616, Kate Spencer & Jennifer Walters, Prosecutor Kate is not looking forward to meeting up-and-coming attorney/superhero She-Hulk.

DCU/Marvel 616, Lois Lane & Mary Jane Watson, Mary Jane likes to interview Lois for fun. Lois finds it weird being on the other side of the interview

DCU/Marvel 616: Zatanna Zatara/Wanda Maximoff, when these two meet, it’s magic.

DCU/One Piece, Diana of Themyscria and Boa Hancock, no, really, what does it mean to be an Amazon

DCU/Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Enchantress and Madoka, June Moone was a magical girl* who became a witch...can even Madoka heal her? *Yes, actually, read her origin story and see for yourself.

DCU/Ranma !/2, Diana of Themyscria and Shampoo, what does it mean to be an Amazon?

DCU/Sailor Moon, Helena Bertinelli and Rei Hino, Helena becomes an exchange teacher at Rei's Catholic girls' school. (Pick a season.)

DCU/Smallville, Lois Lane (comics) & Lois Lane (SV), Lois teams up with herself to save the multiverse.

DCU/Wildstorm, Barbara Gordon/Caitlin Fairchild, Redheads do it Better.

DCU/Young Justice, Cissie King-Jones/Artemis Crock, Cissie falls into another dimension and meets a different Young Justice team, including an archer with a dark past she's trying to put behind her.

DCU/Young Justice, Stephanie Brown/Bruce Wayne, Steph (as Batgirl) falls into another dimension and meets YJ!Batman. This other Bruce is not as much of a bastard than her Bruce, which Steph finds rather attractive. In fact, they make a pretty good team... claimed by pervyficgirl.

Marvel 616/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Kate Bishop,  Kate likes being a badass normal, thank you very much. So these sudden slayer powers are totally screwing with her life and not in a positive way.

Marvel 616/One Piece: Jean Grey and Nico Robin, a world that hates and fears them.

Marvel 616/Ranma 1/2, Tigra and Shampoo, the latest student at Avengers Academy, a Chinese girl named Xian Pu, has a familiar "power".

Teen Titans/Young Justice, Starfire & M'gann M'orzz, What if the Teen Titans and Young Justice cartoons were in continuity with each other? (That is, TT!Robin and YJ!Robin were the same character. Ignore the question of Speedy.) Let's have M'gann, a few years older than she is now on YJ, mentoring Starfire, who is just starting out on TT!

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Date: 2011-08-29 05:35 pm (UTC)
melissagrey: (Default)
From: [personal profile] melissagrey
I'd like to claim:

DCU, Mia Dearden & Cissie King-Jones, Who is the better shot?

DCU, Cissie King-Jones, finding a new legacy.

Date: 2011-08-29 06:51 pm (UTC)
melissagrey: (Default)
From: [personal profile] melissagrey
Forgot to add:

DCU, Stephanie Brown/Tim Drake, A typical date back when Tim was Robin and Steph was Spoiler.

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