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So every fest gets lots of awesome prompts and not all of them can be claimed. This is true, whether it's the size of [community profile] heroines_fest, or the size of Yuletide.  Likewise, not all the prompts that were claimed will ever be written.

And while the fics that did get written were fantastic, I think it's safe to say we all mourn a little for the awesome fics that could have been done.

So this year, for the first time, I'm tossing in an "amnesty" round of [community profile] heroines_fest. During the amnesty round, the unwritten prompts of the fest are made available for anyone who wants to make fanworks out of them.

Rules for the Amnesty Round only:
1. Anyone can play, whether you participated in [community profile] heroines_fest or not.
2. NO CLAIMING. If you see a prompt below, it wasn't written during the main fest and you can do a fanwork from it.
3. Works accepted include fic, art, vids. You can even do icons, if you can make it work for a prompt.
4. Unlike with the main round, there are no word count requirements.  
5. No posting to locked entries.
6. Post either a link to the work or the work itself directly to the community. Most of the traffic is on the LJ comm, but you are welcome to use the DW comm instead. (or to crosspost.)
7. The rule about genderswap still applies. The goal is to focus on canon female characters, and this is not the community to celebrate Genderswapped!Steve Rogers or Genderswapped!Tim Drake.

Any Universe )

Comics Other Than DC or Marvel )

DC Universe: Main Earth )

DCU - DCnU, or the Rebooted Verse )

Marvel 616 )

Marvel: Other Worlds )

DC or Marvel: Animated Universes  )

Movie Verses )

Crossovers )

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So, your mod might be a slacker, and on that account, I am extending [community profile] heroines_fest posting through the weekend. The new deadline will be Monday, October 24, 11:59 PST.

Thanks to everyone who has already posted, though!
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Hello, all. [community profile] heroines_fest is officially open for posting! You may now post your fic (or a link to your fic) anytime until Oct. 21st, and you can do so on either LJ or DW.

Be sure to check out the rules either on LJ or on DW, and happy posting!
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Just a reminder of the dates for everyone participating, fanworks can be posted any time from October 7 - October 21.

We've had a spectacular turn-out this year, so be prepared for plenty of our favorite girls in the coming weeks.

Feel free to respond to this post with any question, concerns, or general excitement!

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