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Heroines Fest Over!

Hi, all! This marks the end of another successful year of [community profile] heroines_fest. So many awesome prompts and wonderful fics written.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Masterlist behind the cut:

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Heroines Fest Extension

So, your mod might be a slacker, and on that account, I am extending [community profile] heroines_fest posting through the weekend. The new deadline will be Monday, October 24, 11:59 PST.

Thanks to everyone who has already posted, though!
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Heroines Fest Posting is Officially Open!

Hello, all. [community profile] heroines_fest is officially open for posting! You may now post your fic (or a link to your fic) anytime until Oct. 21st, and you can do so on either LJ or DW.

Be sure to check out the rules either on LJ or on DW, and happy posting!
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Heroines Fest: ONe Week Til Posting!

Just a reminder of the dates for everyone participating, fanworks can be posted any time from October 7 - October 21.

We've had a spectacular turn-out this year, so be prepared for plenty of our favorite girls in the coming weeks.

Feel free to respond to this post with any question, concerns, or general excitement!
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[community profile] heroines_fest Claiming Reminder

Hey, all:

This is just a reminder that you have a little less than 24 hours left in the claiming period for [community profile] heroines_fest. So if you have any last many claiming you want to squeeze in, please do so, either at the Livejournal or Dreamwidth claiming posts.
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1. Please double check the rules! On LJ | On DW
2. Each prompt can be claimed twice. You can claim up to 3 prompts.
3. Keep this post for claiming. Any questions should go here: On LJ | On DW
4. Posting to the community can be done any time between October 7 and October 21. You do not have to claim a date.

Claims will be open until September 11th.

Any Universe )

Comics Other Than DC or Marvel )

DC Universe: Main Earth )

DCU - DCnU, or the Rebooted Verse )

Marvel 616 )

Marvel: Other Worlds )

DC or Marvel: Animated Universes  )

Movie Verses )

Crossovers )

Rules Post on LJ | Rules Post on Dreamwidth
Prompt Post on LJ | Prompt Post on Dreamwidth
Claim Post on LJ | Claim Post on Dreamwidth

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Prompt Post 2011 (PROMPTS CLOSED)

1. Please make sure to read the rules post first.

2. Comic verses, elseworlds, toons and movies are all welcome.  

3. Crossovers are welcome.

3. You can make as many different requests as you like.

4. Every request should center on a female character and her experiences. For more, see the rules post.

5. Please use the following format: Verse, Character/Pairing, Prompt

For example:

DCU, Renee Montoya/Barbara Gordon, an a/u where Barbara become a cop and they were partners together.

DCnU, Lian Harper, the Outlaws are her family so it's no surprise when she becomes the Red Hood.

Marvel 616, Wanda Maximoff & Carol Danvers, it was easier to stay angry at Wanda, because it didn't hurt as much. Now that Wanda's back, Carol doesn't have that option.

Captain America: The First Avenger, Peggy Carter, an a/u in which Peggy is exposed to the Infinity Formula.

Young Justice, M'gann, Some time in the future, the team has gone their separate ways but still get together every now and then. M'gann always makes cookies for those get togethers.

Any Verse, Any Character(s), adventures in bra shopping as a superhero who needs extra support for battle.

6. For Crossovers, use the same format, and alphabetize the verses, please.

For Example:

Captain America: The First Avenger/Iron Man, Pepper Potts/Steve Rogers, Dancing backwards in high heels to keep up with Tony is stressful. It's fortunate that those super soldier serum enhanced hands are so good at giving her just the right kind of massage.

DCU/Marvel 616, Cassie Lang & Cassie Sandsmark, "The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example."

7. Please keep this post for prompts only. Any questions/issues/concerns should be addressed at the rules post.

Rules Post on LJ | Rules Post on Dreamwidth
Prompt Post on LJ | Prompt Post on Dreamwidth
Claim Post on LJ | Claiming Post on Dreamwidth

There is no limit on the number of prompts you can offer. Likewise, offering prompts does not obligate you to make any claims. You can post prompts either on the Dreamwidth post or on the Livejournal post. Please do not post the same prompts on both places.

Happy prompting!

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Rules Post 2011

[community profile] heroines_fest is a fest designed to produce more fanworks featuring female characters from comics.

This is the third year for Heroines Fest. Traditionally, the fest has been held on Livejournal, but with issues the site is having this year, we are holding a back-up on Dreamwidth. Prompts and claims can be submitted on either site, and you can post to either site. At the end of the fest, your mod will post a masterlist to both sites linking all of the fanworks that have been produced during the period.

Rules )